The Dallas Fly Fishers could not exist without the generosity of donors to our annual fundraising auction. Below are the donors to our 2018 auction. Please support the commercial donors whenever possible. Click on a commercial donor's name below to go to their website.

Friends of DFF

​Jim Kelly
Steve Kimple
Tom Klaasen
Johnny Martinez
Tyce McLarty
Lou Montanaro
Dan Montayne
Bruce Nicholls
Thomas Phelps
Tom Pryor

Keira Quam
Peter Rea
Blane Rush
Chuck Sabolovic
Bill Sargeant

Dave Smith
Ted Warren
Dale Wilkinson
Jim Woodman
Jeff Ziehm



Dallas Fly Fishers

Jim Bass

Dutch Baughman
Mike Becker
Bill Berry
Cathy Case
Jeff Gannon
Jordan Garrett
Greg Herring
Jack & Mary K Janco
Richard Johnson